Taylor's Taxidermy

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Important Facts

Why choose a reproduction? Reproductions last longer than skin mounts. You can catch your fish, measure it, take a picture and keep the fish or release it. You'll have the best of all worlds.

Or, if it is a catch-and-release lake, or if you like to practice catch-and-release, release the fish and still have a trophy to show for it.

Maybe you caught a nice fish years before but did not mount it. It's not too late.

Also, you may want to dress up your home, office or restaurant with no need for a real fish, and thousands of sizes and species available you can be imaginative.

I also offer special molding and making of fiberglass reproductions of your own fish.


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Game Heads



Life Size


Strawberry Grouper

Largemouth Bass

Sail Fish

Speckeld Trout

Rainbow trout and custom made habitat.

Flathead catfish with goldfish in mouth